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Meridian Voices Opposition to Marijuana Legalization

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by Mayor Tammy

Recently, the City of Meridian and representatives from 80 Idaho cities sent President Barack Obama a letter of concern regarding the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado and his Administration’s decision to not enforce federal drug laws.  Those of us who signed the letter believe we need to have a consistent and clear national drug-free policy. Failure to do so will have negatives effects in our communities, state, and country and the worldwide war against drugs.


Many of the city officials who signed the letter are members of the Association of Idaho Cities (AIC). This week, AIC members will be in the Treasure Valley to discuss legislative issues with members of the Idaho State Legislature.  Among the items they will hear about is the need for the State of Idaho to be firm about our views on this issue, we do not support legalizing drugs - any illegal drug - in Idaho.  It is clear that Idaho is a target of pro-marijuana organizations; as communities we need to take a stand against this occurring. 


The social and economic harm that occurs with the legalization or acceptance of this controlled substance cannot be overlooked.  Especially for our children, who receive the message that marijuana and other drug use is okay if legalized.  Neighboring states that have legalized marijuana for 'medical' use have found it not only impossible to enforce but have seen large increases in the number of users, particularly in children. Legalizing marijuana will affect our public education system, productivity in the workplace, an escalation in the number of impaired drivers on Idaho roads, and in many other areas of our lives.


As the Chair of the AIC Drug Task Force, I will join other Mayors and Council members in asking the Idaho State Legislature to send a message that the State of Idaho is opposed to all efforts to legalize marijuana for any purpose by passing a resolution.  In addition, we are asking the State Legislature and Governor to send a Joint Memorial to President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder requesting the federal government take appropriate action to enforce federal drug laws in all states and uphold international treaties relating to the control of illegal drugs in the world. 


When the time comes, I hope you will stand with us against efforts to legalize marijuana.  If you would like more information or would like to get involved in our local efforts to prevent drug use and abuse, I encourage you to attend an upcoming meeting of the Mayor’s Anti-Drug Coalition (MADC). The meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. at the Meridian Police Department.  To learn more, visit www.meridianmadc.org.



Educate share with your friends & family!
New studies show that smoked Marijuana does not cause any forms of lung cancer, and that the THC in Marijuana is anti-cancerous and has the potential to cure cancer...
1,500 Americans die every day from cancer.
"The active ingredient in marijuana cuts tumor growth in common lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread." - Harvard University
"The potential benefits of medicinal Cannabis for people living with cancer include antiemetic effects, appetite stimulation, pain relief, and improved sleep. In the practice of integrative oncology, the health care provider may recommend medicinal Cannabis not only for symptom management but also for its possible direct antitumor effect." - National Cancer Institute
Marijuana cures cancer -- US government has known since 1974:
The Federal Government of the United States has funded several studies on Cannabis and the active components in Marijuana, which have repeatedly discovered Cannabis' Anti-Tumor properties. A couple of these studies include one conducted in the early 1970's showing a reduction in the spread of various cancers injected into lab rats. In 2006 a study aiming to find the link between Marijuana smoking and cancer concluded that there is no evidence of any kind of causal link between the two, with even some suggestion of preventive qualities.
New research shows that marijuana components fight an aggressive form of brain cancer. And the media says -- nothing, again. Combining the two most common cannabinoid compounds in Cannabis may boost the effectiveness of treatments to inhibit the growth of brain cancer cells and increase the number of brain cancer cells that die off. That's the finding of a new study published in the latest issue of the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. Marijuana components have been found to inhibit the growth of the most common, and aggressive form of brain tumor, a glioblastoma, according to a study published in the January 6 issue of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. The study was done at the California Pacific Medical Center by researchers who combined a non-psychoactive ingredient of marijauna, cannabidiol (CBD), with ?9-tetrahyrdocannabinol (?9-THC), the primary psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis. The findings demonstrated the inhibitory effect of these two ingredients on brain cancer cells when used together.
Posted by: Robert Fitzgerald( Visit ) at 5/15/2013 1:08 PM

Maybe you live in the Dark Ages in Meridian, Idaho but the residents of 18 states and our nation's capital are not filled with fools, neither are the nearly 60% of Americans who HAVE taken the time to educate themselves about cannabis, along with our research universities, the AMA, law enforcement across the land and more. The bills in DC now to finally REPEAL MADNESS are eventually going to pass!

You now are using federal tax dollars to promote your biased, ignorance-based agenda against an ancient medicine once used by 89% of all American doctors for a multitude of beneficial uses. The fact that racism, greed, corruption, hubris, and ignorance caused it be outlawed, without the physicians or AMA involved (in fact, they were lied to!) back in 1937 should tell you something! Do your homework and quit being a leader, not a "faithful follower" - your ignorance is glaring.

Legalize cannabis and hemp, regulate them, tax the products, and control the sales - it's the only way to truly keep our kids safe, increase our tax base AND create a needed industry in our weak economy as well as bring a new CAMA medicine into legality, as it was since time began!

In the meantime, quit using federal dollars to distort, manipulate and outright lie to your constituents about a medicinal herb that many medical researchers see as the least expensive way to help sick people. It has NEVER killed or maimed anyone, ever, in tens of thousands of years. I realize you say that "80 towns" sent a letter to the President but that doesn't mean every person in those 80 towns agreed, and knowing the few Idahoans that I do, I'd wager MOST do NOT agree with you at all. They are smarter than that! They, like other Americans, would like to see our now private prisons be used to house and rehabilitate real criminals - rapists, murderers, armed robbers, people who use violence to get what they want, and not as lockups for grandmas with arthritis, dying cancer patients, or even those who'd rather use cannabis than bourbon for their cocktail after a hard days work!

Cannabis is more than just "useful" and it was not an "illicit drug" until 1937 (look up WHY it became so, since it once was mandatory to grow it by the US Govt). It apparently has anti-carcinogens that could very well be the missing link we've been looking for in cancer research to STOP cancer in it tracks. RESEARCH, ma'am, and you will find that I am correct! Also, the anti-inflammatory found in CBD, one of the most active ingredients in cannabis, has been proven repeatedly to be of medical use!

You would try to stop this research and the historically accurate use of this easily grown at home herb, with seeds (as the Bible says we can use) to perpetuate myths created by unethical politicians hoping for personal gain less than 100 years ago? You truly need to quit using tax dollars to spread your lies.

If you really wanted to protect children, you'd do more about getting rid of the shabby educational system we now have everywhere, create clean industry in your city and state, work on getting affordable healthcare for all and stay out of the headlines about matters you obviously know far too little about to even be discussing publicly.

Those soundbites won't win you any elections, ma'am, TRUTH will. But you don't seem to be interested in truth if you are going put out brochures filled with lies, on the federal tax payers dollars. Elections coming?
Posted by: Terry Reed( Visit ) at 5/16/2013 7:40 AM

Thank you for sharing your opinions. We appreciate you taking the time to comment.
Posted by: City of Meridian at 5/16/2013 9:23 AM

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