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Utility Billing Services

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Utility Billing consists of seven staff members that are responsible for the maintenance and oversight of the current 31,285 accounts as well as the customer care for each.  Our department is responsible for the billing of water, sewer, trash, sprinkler meters, fire suppression systems and false alarms. 


In order to better serve our citizens, we have been able to establish options and alternatives for easily making payments.  We are able to accept payments through Bill Pay (payments received directly from your bank), Visa and Master Credit Card payments through our online service and in our office,  you can even sign up for our most convenient and cost effective option; Direct Pay which is authorization to have payments taken directly from the bank account of your choice.   Check our webpage for additional details.


Within the next month we anticipate being able to offer several online forms that will streamline some processes and make our services available to you online 24 hours a day.  These forms will include items such as; change of mailing address, cancellation of direct pay, requests for meter service checks, and requests for billing adjustments.


Our staff is here to assist customers with questions regarding their service billings.  We can provide explanations of charges, update customer information, and requests to start and stop service.  We can also prepare and submit service orders as needed.

It is our constant goal to provide optimum customer service.  Please contact our office with any questions you may have in regards to your billing.  Utility Billing can be reached by phone at 888-4439 or email at utilitybilling@meridiancity.org


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