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The Maintenance of Meridian Parks

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The Parks and Recreation Department’s mission statement is to enhance the community’s quality of life by providing well designed and properly maintained parks and recreational opportunities for all citizens. The Parks Maintenance Division is directly responsible for the overall appearance and safety of the parks that so many of you enjoy.  I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of our maintenance programs as follows:


• Turf Management--Sprinkler irrigation is the single most important aspect of a turf management program.  We utilize state-of-the-art technology to operate our irrigation systems. Maxicom irrigation compiles weather data that is fed from our weather station to the computer and then out to each park to automatically determine the amount of water needed to replenish the soil each evening. The system is set up with data from each sprinkler zone, including soil type, precipitation rate, and crop coefficient. These values together with weather data give us an evapotranspiration rate. For example: If our evapotranspiration rate for that day is .25, the system will automatically replenish ¼ of an inch of water allowing us to use our resources wisely.  


• Infrastructure--The infrastructure in our parks includes parking lots, pathways, playgrounds, restroom facilities, lighting, and picnic shelters. One of the most important components to our infrastructure is our playgrounds. They provide great recreational benefits to park users but can be the most dangerous component if not properly maintained. We have two certified playground safety inspectors on staff that follow safety guidelines set forth by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) and the National Playground Safety Institute. Each playground is inspected monthly for worn parts, cracks, and other wear that could cause a safety hazard. If a hazard is noted, it is promptly repaired to new condition.


• Janitorial--The cleanliness of our parks promotes a feeling of well being to all users. With fourteen restrooms, twelve picnic shelters, and countless litter receptacles, janitorial services is a full-time job that occurs seven days a week. Our service schedule is designed to clean, prep, and empty litter receptacles in our regional and community parks daily and in our neighborhood parks five days per week. During special events, festivals, or large reservations, we have staff onsite throughout the entire gathering to ensure that park users have an enjoyable experience.


Our maintenance staff takes great pride in quality service and takes ownership in our assigned areas. We constantly strive to improve our service; that is why we solicit input from our users. If there’s ever a suggestion that can help us improve our service and your experience in one of our parks, please contact me, at mbarton@meridiancity.org.         


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