Economic Excellence
Built for Business.......Designed for Living 
Message from the Mayor

Meridian's ongoing mission is to be a vibrant and caring community creating a premier place to live, work, and raise a family.  Fundamental to this mission is a strong and diverse business community that is:  "Built for Business and Designed for Living."

The Boise Valley has been discovered and is recognized nationally as a destination to locate your business and family.  Meridian, strategically located at the center of this metropolitan area, is a developing star in a growing market of opportunity.  Progressive, innovative, and responsible are words reflecting our results-oriented achievements driving us to become the New Star of the West.  While others talk, we work to make things happen.  We invite you to visit our city and consider how you can be a part of our vision and achieve your goals in Meridian. 
 Mayor Tammy de Weerd 

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