Financial and Transparency Reports


/uploadedImages/Departments/Finance/MagnifyingGlas.jpgThe Finance Department is the general business management arm of City government, providing specific financial and accounting services for elected officials, City employees, and the citizens of Meridian.


The Finance Department plays a key role in the transparency of City financials and the overall financial controls placed into action for the annual audit.  The City undergoes an annual audit performed by an independent auditor of its financials in accordance to State and City laws.  The City's financials are prepared in accordance to State and Federal laws.  In conjunction with the US Government, the City has adopted the following goals in relation to our financials:


  • Government should be transparent.  Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their Government is doing.
  • Government should be participatory. Public engagement enhances the Government's effectiveness and improves the quality of its decisions.
  • Government should be collaborative.  Collaboration actively engages Americans in the work of their Government.

In 2016, the City introduced a financial transparency website. Learn more.

City Fees

 CityWide Fee Schedule FY18 (all departments)

                  Community Development Fees

                  Planning Fees

                  Public Works Fees

                  Utility Billing (Solid Waste) Fees

                  Fire Department Fees

                  Police Department Fees

                  City Clerks Fees 

                  Parks & Recreation Fees

                  Parks & Recreation Activity Guide Fees

                  Other Adminisrtative Fees


Expenditure Reports

October 2017 Expenditures

September 2017 Expenditures

August 2017 Expenditures

July 2017 Expenditures

June 2017 Expenditures

May 2017 Expenditures

April 2017 Expenditures

March 2017 Expenditures

February 2017 Expenditures

 January 2017 Expenditures

December 2016 Expenditures

November 2016 Expenditures

October 2016 Expenditures

September 2016 Expenditures

August 2016 Expenditures

July 2016 Expenditures

June 2016 Expenditures

May 2016 Expenditures

April 2016 Expenditures

March 2016 Expenditures

February 2016 Expenditures

January 2016 Expenditures

December 2015 Expenditures

November 2015 Expenditures

October 2015 Expenditures

FY2015 Expenditures

FY2014 Expenditures

FY2013 Expenditures

FY2012 Expenditures 


Revenue Reports

 FY2017 Q3 Revenue

 FY2017 Q2 Revenue

 FY2017 Q1 Revenue

 FY2016 Q4 Revenue

 FY2016 Q3 Revenue

 FY2016 Q2 Revenue

 FY2016 Q1 Revenue

 FYE 2015 Revenue

 FYE 2014 Revenue

 FYE 2013 Revenue

 FYE 2012 Revenue


 Council/Department Reports

 August 2017 Council Report

 August 2017 Department Detail Report


Quarterly Reports

FY2017 Q3 Quarterly Report

FY2017 Q2 Quarterly Report

FY2017 Q1 Quarterly Report

FY2016 Q4 Quarterly Report

FY2016 Q3 Quarterly Report

FY2016 Q2 Quarterly Report

FY2016 Q1 Quarterly Report

FY2015 Q4 Quarterly Report

FY2015 Q3 Quarterly Report

FY2015 Q2 Quarterly Report

FY2015 Q1 Quarterly Report


Audited Financial Statements

FY2016 Audit Report

FY2015 Audit Report

FY2014 Audit Report

FY2013 Audit Report

FY2012 Audit Report

FY2011 Audit Report

FY2010 Audit Report

FY2009 Audit Report

FY2008 Audit Report

FY2007 Audit Report