The City of Meridian's Mission, Vision, and Values




The City of Meridian’s mission for 2025 is to continue to be a safe, attractive, and inviting community that is full of diverse activities.  Meridian delivers quality service, planning, and fiscal responsibility with open spaces, strong partnerships, and various educational opportunities.  Culture, unique business ventures, and an abundant choice of jobs make Meridian not just a destination, but a lifestyle.  



Meridian is a vibrant community whose vision is to be a premier city to live, work, and raise a family.




Customer Service
We will respond to customers in a genuine, positive, and timely manner. Interactions will be solution-oriented, where staff meets and exceeds expectations by listening to customers and following through on their concerns.

We understand our role in the organizational team, know our jobs, and accept that each of us is responsible for our own work, choices, and actions.

We will be trustworthy and courteous. We honor and accept people with diverse opinions and backgrounds.

We will be professional beyond the parameters of our job while being creative, innovative, flexible and adaptable to community needs.

We provide our best for the community we serve. We will provide quality service to our customers and positive development of our staff that promotes and expects accountability, respect and excellence.