Focus Areas & Initiatives

Work together as City Departments with the common goal of guiding growth, providing city services within available resources, organizational excellence, and stewardship of the public trust.

Economic Excellence

  • Create a sustainable economic base through diversified and targeted business and industry growth.
  • Make a commitment to provide a high quality of life.
  • Expand the capabilities of our workforce through the support of education and training opportunities.
  • Diversify the economic opportunities within the comprehensive plan


Strategic Growth

  • Be responsive, innovative and opportunistic in planning for growth, improving response times, coverage, and ways of doing business.
  • Find alternative funding sources and operational efficiencies.
  • Plan for infrastructure needs and strategic resource development.


Services Meet Demand

  • Meet the current demands for services, while proactively planning and preparing for future needs.
  • Follow-up with appropriate programs, policies, ordinances, and resolution to meet those demands.


Organizational Excellence

  • Enhance employee skills and opportunities for succession through training, coaching and mentoring.  Positive reinforcement of job performance will result in a work environment that makes employees partners in the success of the City.
  • Use information technology to enhance staff’s ability to respond efficiently and effectively.
  • Promote the mission and demonstrate City values at all times. Demonstrate our commitment to our core values through our actions.
  • Positioning the city to have the staff resources to achieve strategic growth and maintain quality of service


Stewardship of the Public Trust

  • Demonstrate financial responsibility - accountable to City of Meridian stakeholders to encourage fiscal conservatism and to ensure that all financial transactions of the City are transparent and defendable.
  • Participate in, and accountability to, public involvement, outreach, and collaborative partnerships to improve the trust, support, and confidence of our community in our stewardship.
  • Develop a system for providing consistent, understandable, accurate, and complete information regarding city records and access to city information.