The October 2012 issue of CityNews – the City of Meridian’s monthly online newsletter – is now available for you to enjoy.


You can access by CLICKING HERE or by visiting this web address:





*  Get the latest news on the Meridian Interchange Rebuild

*  Find out what tough issue our next Town Hall Meeting will tackle

*  See what Meridian has in common with Pisa, Italy

*  Find reminders about important election dates and deadlines

*  Meet Meridian’s 2012 Neighborhood Star Award Winners

*  See what our cameras caught for this month Photo Gallery

*  Catch the latest Meridian business news

*  Learn why October is all about public safety

*  Get ready for the Split Corridor construction to begin

*  Find out about Meridian’s new children’s theater company

*  Check out the Bear Creek Park disc golf course

*  Plan for upcoming events on our Community Calendar