Your Attendance Can Make an Important Difference!


One of Idaho’s most significant prospective economic development projects – potentially securing 3,000 jobs – is nearing a decision and we need your help!


The U.S. Air Force has short-listed both Mountain Home Air Force Base (operations mission) and Boise’s Gowen Field (training mission) as possible locations for the F-35 fighter aircraft. These new missions would secure operations at these bases for the next 50 years. This is no small matter, as these two military installations together provide more than $1.0 billion to the Idaho economy each year. If our bases are not chosen, their current missions could face phasing out in coming years, putting jobs and economic benefits at risk.


Here is How You Can Help


An environmental scoping meeting will be held this Wednesday night at Meridian Middle School and we ask that you attend. Then, attend a second meeting to lend support for the Mountain Home Air Force Base location (operations mission) on February 17th at Boise State University. Your attendance or one or both of these meetings would be greatly appreciated --


Meeting One:

To Support Gowen Field (training mission): 

February 10, 6-9 pm, Meridian Middle School, 1507 W. 8th Street


 Meeting Two:

To Support Mountain Home Air Force Base (operations mission):  

February 17th, 6-8 pm, BSU Student Union Building


Idaho’s bases have already made the short list for these new operations; please help us pass this next critical hurdle. This is a huge opportunity for our area and the more support for the project, the more Idaho will stand out as the best location.


More information on Idaho’s quest for F-35 missions, along with information about other meetings being held throughout the state, can be found at


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If you're unable to attend a meeting or would like to show your support through personal comments, please Click Here for a Comment Form you can fill out. Once it's completed, you can turn it in at any of the meetings described above, or mail it to the address on the bottom of the form. 

The deadline for written comments is: March 1, 2010.