Beginning July 5, trash and recycling collection in the City of Meridian will change to a fully-automated cart-based collection system.


Under this new system, all residential trash and recycling for collection must be contained in wheeled trash carts issued by Sanitary Services Company (SSC), the City’s contracted waste collection company. The use of trash cans or containers not issued by SSC, including boxes, bags, or loose items set out for pick-up, will no longer be permitted


The SSC-issued carts should be placed at the curb or edge of the road on the regularly-scheduled trash and recycling days and will be collected with a SSC truck equipped with a mechanical arm will lift the carts and empty their contents into the truck without the driver ever leaving the vehicle.


SSC manager Steve Sedlecek says, “The City and SSC have made many public outreach efforts to prepare residents for this transition, including mailings, statement stuffers, and town hall meetings. While most residents already have their wheeled carts and are prepared for the transition, this change may still catch some residents by surprise.” He adds, “SSC waste collectors will be on the look-out for households that do not have the required containers, are confused about the correct use and placement of their carts, or have special circumstances which we can help them address.”


There will be no delay in waste collection due to Independence Day this year. Trash and recycling will be collected in Meridian on its regular schedule throughout the week. Sanitary Service Company will be open on Monday, July 5.


Additional information about Meridian’s transition to fully-automated waste collection can be found online at and at SSC customer service representatives are also available to help answer questions via telephone at 888-3999 or e-mail sent to  SSC is located at 2130 W. Franklin Road in Meridian.