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Comparative benchmarks were made between Meridian, the Northwest and other regions of the US. Meridian rated significantly higher in comparisons on: overall quality of city services, customer service, parks, law enforcement, sewer services, recycling services, code enforcement and communication. Meridian rated 19% higher than the national average and 21% higher than the Northwest Region in overall quality of City services provided. The City rated above the national average in 49 of the 54 areas that were compared.


The seven-page survey was mailed to a random sample of households in Meridian. A total of 514 households responded, revealing a 94% level of confidence in the City. Responses tallied were completed by mail (339), phone (68) and online (107).


Major findings included:

Meridian as a community ratings: ratings of “excellent/good” included Meridian as a place to raise a family (93%); 91% the City as a place to live (91%) and satisfaction with how the City ensures public safety (73%). Lowest ratings were for mobility options other than driving.

Quality of life ratings: areas with a “meets/exceeds” rating include overall quality of life in Meridian as strong (83%); Meridian is an ideal place to live (79%); customer service provided by the City (78%) and overall quality of City services (76%); 85% indicated having visited downtown Meridian at least once in past 12 months.

Value of Meridian’s city utility services: 82% indicate residential trash collection services are “very good/good”; other utility services at the same value included curbside recycling services (82%), city sewer services (78%) and city water services (75%).

Overall City services ratings: 91% rate fire protection service as “excellent/good”; other services with the same rating included emergency medical services (90%), City parks (87%), police department/law enforcement (85%), garbage/trash pick-up services (84%), sewer services (80%) and recycling services (80%).

Services needing emphasis from City leadership over the next two years: results indicated desired emphasis for planning and zoning services (34%), police department/law enforcement (30%) and youth programs (26%).

Quality of services from other governmental entities, agencies or groups: 85% rated library services as “excellent/good”; similar ratings provided for seniors programs at Meridian Senior Center (65%), Lakeview Golf Course (61%) and animal control (56%).

Road-related aspects ratings: 65% rated maintenance of signs/pavement markings as “excellent/good”; other road-related aspects in similar regard included condition of road pavements (63%), adequacy of street lighting on arterial roads (56%) and availability and condition of sidewalks (55%).

Projects residents would like to see in Meridian: 67% indicated providing more public transportation options; constructing the Linder Road overpass (56%), adding more bike lanes and pathways (56%) and redeveloping downtown (50%).

Parks and recreation ratings: 90% rated appearance and maintenance of city parks as “excellent/good”; likewise ratings included quality of athletic fields (86%), number of City parks (86%), number of athletic fields (81%), quality of youth sports programs (75%), availability of youth sports programs (74%), and ease of registering for picnic shelters (73%); 82% indicated having visited a Meridian City park in past 12 months.

Public safety services ratings: services in the “excellent/good” category included overall safety (91%), emergency medical services (91%), local fire protection (90%), fire response time to 911 emergencies (90%), quality of local police protection (88%), professionalism of emergency responders (87%) and police response time to 911 emergencies (86%). 


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