Parks and Recreation Softball


Meridian Parks and Recreation offers several divisions of Spring softball starting April for both co-ed and men's teams. Fall softball will take place July-Sept. Teams are composed of 10 players. Registration is accepted on a team basis only, and each participating team will be registered with the USA Softball Association if they have not already registered earlier in the year.  If you would like to play but don't have a team, we have a free-agent list, which can be used by team managers to pick up additional players.  Contact Meridian Parks and Recreation, at 888-3579, or to add your name to the free-agent list. All games are played Monday-Friday at Storey Park, Bear Creek Park, Tully Park. Player must be 16 years of age to participate and must have a parent/guardian fill out and sign a release form if under 18.  


Spring League: Each team gets 10 regular season games with a double elimination tournament
Fall League: Each team gets 8 regular season games with a single elimination tournament


  Rain out line: 208-489-0560


2018 Spring League


Spring Registration Deadline: Fri. March, 16th 5pm (Or first 100 teams!!)
Spring Regular Season: April 2nd-June 22nd 
Spring End of Season Tournament: June 25th-July 15th 
Spring Softball Prizes: Tournament winner's receive t-shirts and the option of a plaque or $20 credit. Runner-ups receive plaque or $20 credit 


2018 Spring Registration Form 

2018 Sports Roster Form 

2018 Free Agent List

2018 Softball Bylaws 

Under 18 Parent/Guardian Release Form 

Non Approved ASA Bat List

For a list of Approved ASA Bats, please visit the USA Softball website (formerly ASA Softball) and view "Certified Equipment". 


Fall Softball League  

Fall Registration Deadline: TBA
Fall Regular Season: TBA
Fall End of Season Tournament: TBA


Fall Softball Registration Form and instructions 

 2017 Spring Softball Roster Form 

Under 18 Parent/Guardian Release Form 

Fall Softball By-laws 

2018 Fall Free Agent List 

Red Eye Slowpitch Softball Tournament 

Red Eye Deadline: TBA
Red Eye Tournament Dates: TBA


Red Eye Registration Form and instructions 

Red Eye Free Agent List