The Planning Division, in conjunction with the other City Departments updated the City's Comprehensive Plan to its new format by Resolution 11-784, on April 19, 2011. The purpose of the update was to make the Plan more user-friendly and better reflect the manner in which the City plans to grow. Changes to the Plan were based on the policies and community values expressed in the previous Plan, as well as an  Existing Conditions Report which contains background information and data on the City. The Existing Conditions is periodically updated to reflect current conditions.

The most recent update to the Comprehensive Plan occurred on February 20, 2018 , by resolution 18-2060.

Download Links:

City of Meridian Comprehensive Plan:

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Existing Conditions Report 2017:

For Mobile  (11 mb) | For Print  (25 mb)

Future Land Use Map:

Download Page | Web Link

Helpful Resources:

Comprehensive Plan Overview | PDF

Future Land Use Changes | PDF

Future Land Use & Zoning | PDF

Transportation Context | PDF

Future Land Use Designation Descriptions:

Future Land Use Cut Sheets | Web Link

Related Tools and Plans Adopted by Reference:

Ten Mile Interchange Specific Area Plan | Web Link

Meridian Pathways Master Plan | Web Link 

Parks and Recreation Master Plan | Web Link

Destination Downtown Vision Plan | PDF

City of Meridian Architectural Standards Manual | Web Link

Downtown Meridian Street Cross-section Master Plan | Web Link

Other Agency Plans & Studies:

Communities in Motion 2040 (by COMPASS) | Web Link 

Roadways to Bikeways Bicycle Master Plan (by ACHD) | Web Link

ACHD TLIP Documents (Master Street Map and Livable Streets Design Guide) (by ACHD) | Web Link



Please feel free to click on the documents above and send any comments to: Caleb Hood, Planning manager,

Your input is critical to having a Plan that accurately reflect the communities values and vision!