Public Works Department - Information

Our Vision:

By the year 2030, the Public Works Department is a fully accredited, strategically positioned Department that has modern and reliable facilities, emphasizes financial stewardship and environmental sustainability, and is accessible and responsive to our customers’ needs.

Our staff is technically proficient, our information is centralized, our processes are streamlined and automated, and we leverage cutting edge technology to provide expedient single contact customer service.

We employ aggressive conservation strategies to reduce demand on resources and promote sustainability by utilizing efficient and alternative energy sources, carbon neutral operations, a zero emissions fleet, and a water management district to recycle and redistribute reclaimed wastewater.

We produce and treat our own chlorine free drinking water from a variety of sources that is distributed through an efficient and regionally inter-connected delivery system.

We have a comprehensive surface water program and are Class 4 members of the National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System which enable us to conserve and protect our natural resources and property.   We maintain 24 miles of rehabilitated 

Riparian and Wetland corridors that enhance our natural environment, improve storm-water quality, help control flooding, and serve as pathways for people and habitat for wildlife.

Our Wastewater Treatment Plant is self-sustaining utilizing closed-looped systems to recycle and/or reuse 80% of the waste stream utilizing water reclamation, co-generation, and nutrient recycling.

At least 50% of our Buildings are Built Green and LEED Certified, and 50% of new land Development projects utilize Low Impact Development Standards.

Meridian residents travel between home and work, school, shopping, recreation, and other destinations using their choice of several modes of surface transportation safely and without excessive delay.  We determine the look, fit, and feel of our streets and pathways. 

We guide funding methods and programming of transportation capital improvement projects.  We determine road maintenance standards and schedule maintenance in conjunction with other city activities to ensure minimal inconvenience to residents. 


Engineering Division Information:  

The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department provides analysis of all development applications; subdivision and commercial development plan review; water, sewer and private storm water facility inspection; domestic water and wastewater capital improvement planning, design and construction; and coordination with Ada County Highway District roadway improvement projects.  The Division also performs mapping of water and sewer facilities, water and sewer fee updates, computer modeling, minor design projects, and streetlight program management.  The Division also provides consultation to the development community, other agencies, and the general public.