Water Main Flushing Information


If you would like to report a water quality problem, please contact us at 888-5242. If you would like us to notify you by email when we are flushing the water lines in your area, please email: water@meridiancity.org Your email address will be used only for notification and will remain confidential. 


Here are some important things to know about our upcoming water main flushing activities:
  • Your tap water may temporarily appear red, brown, or blackish in color. If this happens, simply run cold-water faucets in your bathtubs at full stream for a few minutes until the water runs clear again.
  • To avoid any unwanted sediment build-up in your hot water heater, you should always clear your lines using cold-water taps.
  • During this flushing time, you should check your clothes washers and icemakers for any sediment before using. These sediments are not a risk to your health.
  • If your faucets seem to be clogged or running slowly, simply remove the screens and rinse out.
  • The water pressure inside your home may fluctuate at times. This is only temporary and regular water pressure will resume once this flushing period is complete.
  • We collect and analyze over 1,000 water samples annually to insure your drinking water is safe and meets state and federal requirements.