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Hedges House


16 E. Pine Avenue


This home is probably one of the earliest homes left standing in the old town area. The Ada County Assessor records that it was built in 1885, but Eliza Zenger, Meridian’s first homesteader, did not have a clear title for what would become Meridian at that point. The Hedges family did not immigrate to the area until about 1902 so Meridian records this properties’ build date as 1902. The Clement “Clem” Hedges’ family home still stands on the northeast corner of Pine Avenue and Meridian Road.

When an epidemic of typhoid fever struck Meridian in 1909, many shallow residential wells and school cisterns were pronounced dangerous. The Hedges’ well was one of the few uncontaminated sources of drinking water in the area. Dr. Halbert F. Neal linked typhoid-causing germs to shallow sources of water, including ditch water. Church and community leaders led a successful bond election for a city well and municipal service that began in 1910. The 1910 water tower is east of Cloverdale Road, south towards Kuna.


Meridian historian Lila Hill presents the Hedges House:

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