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The Nourse House


211 E. State Avenue


This property located at 211 E. State Avenue was built in 1898. Frank C. Nourse was born in Boise in 1887 and in 1911 married Rosalie Unternahrer; they had six children. He was active in the Chamber of Commerce and the Elks and was a nominal Republican and Protestant. He was listed in the Who’s Who for Idaho and the Western States (1950-1951). He also was a major land developer and he has three subdivisions in Meridian that he developed. Mr. Nourse opened his first real estate office in 1943, but closed it three years later. Mr. Nourse’s gimmicks included handing out personalized matchbook and quality cigars. When he died in 1948, he left a bill for $30 for cigars and nearly 30 pairs of shoes. Since Frank C. Nourse walked with a limp from a previous auto accident, he required special built-up shoes, and his many years of walking on concrete in the auto parts garage was hard on footwear. His descendants still live in this house.


Meridian historian Lila Hill presents the Nourse House:

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