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City of Meridian Recognizes Environmental Excellence Award Recipients for Sustainable Efforts in the Community

MERIDIAN, ID - The City of Meridian honored the 2023 recipients of the Environmental Excellence Awards at the recent City Council Meeting. These awards celebrate businesses, individuals, or organizations that have demonstrated a strong commitment to improving Meridian and promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship within the community. After receiving multiple nominations, the selection committee recognized two outstanding recipients: the Kleiner Park Pollinator Project and Dan Fraser.

Kleiner Park Pollinator Project 
The Kleiner Park and Heroes Park Pollinator Garden Projects have created vital habitats for native bees, butterflies, beetles, and other pollinators through the strategic planting of pollinator-attracting plants. These projects have been established and maintained by the Meridian Co-Op Gardeners and various volunteer groups. Educational signs at the Kleiner Park Pollinator Garden provide visitors with opportunities to learn more about pollinators and plants at their own pace. By creating habitats for native pollinators, the Kleiner Park Pollinator Projects have helped to restore a crucial ecosystem function and have inspired others to incorporate similar pollinator habitats in their own landscapes, enhancing the beauty of both parks.

Dan Fraser 
Over the past six years, Dan Fraser has generously volunteered his time to recover and repair over 1,800 bicycles for Meridian's Recycle a Bicycle Program. These refurbished bikes have been donated to individuals and local community groups, providing sustainable and healthy transportation options. Since 2017, Dan has been volunteering at the Meridian Transfer Station, assembling and repairing bikes that would otherwise end up in the landfill, giving them a new lease on life for children and adults alike. Dan's unwavering commitment to the Recycle a Bicycle program has played a pivotal role in its success.

The City's Environmental Excellence Awards are a meaningful way to acknowledge businesses and residents who go above and beyond in efforts to protect the environment for future generations.

“We had the opportunity this year to honor two great local volunteer-led programs whose efforts can inspire us all to get involved in efforts that are good for our community and our environment," stated Jason Korn, Public Works Environmental Programs Coordinator.

The awards were presented at the Meridian City Council meeting on Tuesday, April 18th. To watch the full presentation of the awards, visit the City of Meridian’s Youtube channel.

Nominations for future awards can be made online throughout the year at

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