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Community Invited to Celebrate Meridian Fire Station Seven Grand Opening

Members of the public are invited to celebrate the Grand Opening of Meridian Fire Station #7 (6343 S. Recreation Ave. Meridian, ID 83642) on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 at 11:00am. The new station will be staffed with one Meridian Fire Engine, one Meridian Fire Brush Truck, and one Ada County Paramedics unit, improving response coverage for South Meridian. The uncoupling ceremony will begin at 11am, with open house and tours to follow until 3pm.

“Adding Fire Station 7 provides more support to the system as a whole and is a win for our growing community. Resources are being deployed where they are needed and provide necessary assistance to our calls for service,” said Mayor Robert Simison. “I want to thank the Meridian City Council, the Meridian Rural Fire Protection District, Chief Blume, and the men and women of the Meridian Fire Department for helping to make this happen.”

Fire Station 7 has been built with partnerships in mind. The Meridian Rural Fire District purchased and provided the land in which the station is built on. Additionally, Ada County Paramedics will be renting out a portion of the station to co-locate a paramedic unit, allowing for faster response times for medical calls.

 “Getting the best medical response in the safest and fastest manner to our citizens is our number one priority,” Ada County Paramedics Chief Shawn Rayne said. “Over the last five years, we have seen our call volume in Meridian and South Ada County increase greatly. This partnership with Meridian and being able to have our crews there 24 hours a day, ready to respond to any emergency, will allow us to better serve our community. That’s our goal.”

Following the innovative design of Meridian Fire Station 6, Fire Station 7 was built with the goal of reducing firefighter’s carcinogenic exposure. Because Meridian Fire Department is an all-hazards response organization, it is imperative that extra thought is put into the design of fire stations for the health and safety of Meridian’s first responders. The layout of the fire station allows for better ventilation, isolated areas for contaminated gear, easy access to the fire engine, and solid clean surfaces.

“The design of this new fire station is built for the needs of today, while keeping in mind the future needs as our City continues to grow. Incorporating these new technologies as well as new safety features not only benefit our residents, but our dedicated first responders,” said Meridian Fire Chief Kris Blume. “We are excited to provide even greater services to our South Meridian residents, with the support from Meridian’s leadership and the Rural Fire District.”
To reduce firefighter gear from further contamination there is a designated turnout room, away from the bay. Solid surface flooring throughout living quarters reduces exposure to hazards from firefighter boots and shoes. In addition, there are sinks at each entry to the living quarters from the bay, preventing cross transfer to skin following fire exposure. Many tangible modifications to design have been made along with continuing education for Meridian Fire personnel regarding best practices and procedures.

“ESI worked hand-in-hand with the city and the design team to make sure that the firefighters assigned to this station have everything they need to do the critically important job they do every single day. We are honored to be a part of Meridian Fire Station #7” said ESI Executive Vice President Joe Jackson.

Parking will be past Fire Station 7 on the sides of Recreation Ave (behind the open fence area).  If Recreation Ave does not show up on GPS, please utilize 2385 E Lake Hazel Rd. to arrive at the destination as Google and Apple Maps have not updated yet. The parking area will have signage do direct traffic as well. Additionally, road construction will be going on around the Fire Station. Please plan extra travel time.

On camera interviews and tours of Meridian Fire Station Seven will be available on Tuesday, September 12th, at 10:00am. All interested media are asked to coordinate with Public Safety PIO, Kelsey Winnett at 208-318-4394.

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