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Meridian's 'Recycle the Fall' Program Returns: Your Guide to Leaf Disposal

Meridian residents can once again make a positive impact on the environment by participating in Recycle the Fall. In collaboration with Republic Services, the City of Meridian offers two options for leaf disposal: Curbside Collection and Drop Site Locations.

“Meridian's 'Recycle the Fall' event is back, and we're excited to offer our residents simple yet impactful ways to contribute to a more sustainable community”, said the City of Meridian’s Solid Waste Coordinator, Sayard Schultz.

Curbside Collection (October 23 - November 17) Residents are asked to follow these guidelines for collection.

  • Leaves only
    • Branches, pumpkins, and garden plants are NOT accepted
  • Limit of 10 leaf bags per week
  • Place leaves in paper leaf bags (please do not tape or staple bags) or in your subscription grass cart
  • Set leaf bags and grass carts out on your regular trash service day
  • Please have all your items at the curb by 6 AM

Leaf-specific trucks will collect properly placed leaf bags. Customers may be serviced as late as 7 PM and are asked to leave their bags at the curb and remain patient as crews work their way through Meridian.

Drop Site Locations (October 17 - December 14) Please remember that these locations are for leaves only. Leaves in paper bags (please do not tape or staple bags) and loose are accepted.

Neighborhood leaf bins are available at:

  • Centennial Park - 223 E. Idaho Ave.
  • Fuller Park - 3761 W. Park Creek Dr.
  • Gordon Harris Park - 2400 E Three Bars Dr.
  • Heroes Park - 3064 W. Malta Dr.
  • Kleiner Park - 1805 W. Venture St.
  • Renaissance Park - 4155 S. Genoard Ave.
  • Settlers Park - 3245 N. Meridian Rd.
  • Storey Park - 205 E. Franklin Rd.
  • Tully Park - 2500 N. Linder Rd.
  • Meridian Transfer Station - 2130 W Franklin Rd.

Additional Drop-off Location: The Ada County Landfill accepts leaves from October 9 - December 16 during regular business hours.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner again with the City to help divert fall leaves from the landfill and cycle them back into the environment”, said Rachele Klein from Republic Services.

For more information on Meridian leaf collection, visit ».

For up-to-date information, join the Meridian Trash Talk Facebook group at ».

Large green bin at a park for leave drop-off Five paper leaf bags full on the curb ready for pick up

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