Public Invited to Weigh In on Meridian’s Proposed Budget

The City of Meridian has posted the proposed Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19) budget online for the public to review. A public hearing regarding the budget is set for Tuesday, August 21, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. Meridian elected officials want to hear from citizens during that hearing regarding the proposed $130.5 million budget for the new fiscal year that begins on October 1, 2018.

“Meridian City Council and our City Employees worked very diligently to produce a budget that is significant to our long-term health as a growing community. Our goal is to provide our residents with premier services, and this budget will help us meet the needs of our employees along with expectations of our residents and business community,” said Mayor Tammy de Weerd, City of Meridian.

The proposed FY19 budget for the General Fund is $65.3 million. This includes a projected $13.7 million carried forward from the current budget year for completion of projects currently under construction. Property tax revenue is a large percentage of the fund that pays for Police, Fire, Parks and the administrative functions of the City.  The FY19 budget includes taking the allowable increase of 3% under Idaho Code in property tax, which is primarily focused on maintaining the service level residents expect from the various City departments including Police, Fire, Parks and Community Development. Enhancements include:

  • Additional personnel in the Police Department which includes four community services officers – the first officers of this type for the City of Meridian, an additional crime prevention specialist and a public safety information officer to help educate and keep citizens more informed, as well as other support positions.
  • Parks improvements including a new trailhead for Five Mile Creek Pathway, a shade shelter at the Kleiner Park Band Shell to enable more summer evening use of the facility, and improvements to the Homecourt facility
  • An additional bus for Harvest Transit, the transportation service providing opportunities for seniors and disabled residents of Meridian to reach activities and services within the community

An Associate planner for Community Development was proposed as part of the FY19 budget, but was moved forward into FY18 to address immediate needs in the department. Also moved forward - the cost of amenities for Discovery Park, the new 77-acre park which is currently under construction.

The proposed FY19 budget for the Enterprise Fund is $65.2 million, including a projected $28.9 million carried forward from the current budget year for completion of ongoing projects.  It is funded by water and sewer user rates in addition to new development connection fees. The Enterprise Fund provides the financial support for the City’s water and wastewater operations including new infrastructure as well as preventative and ongoing maintenance. Enhancements in the FY19 budget include:

  • Work to complete the Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF).
  • Expansion and Upgrades which will allow the City to continue maintain expected service levels and prepare to meet new discharge requirements mandated by the state of Idaho.
  • Final efforts to complete upgrades to the WRRF headworks which will improve efficiencies in the treatment process, as well as help control odor.
  • Water and sewer mainline extensions, primarily completing the South Meridian initiative.
  • Additional personnel to support the City’s utility growth and maintain levels of service
  • Completion of the City’s fourth drinking water treatment facility and continuing construction of well pumping capacity in northwest Meridian.

Members of the public are welcome to view the budget proposal prior to the public hearing. To view the summary and notice, click here. A full budget proposal can be viewed in the Meridian City Clerk’s Office at City Hall – 33 E. Broadway Ave., Meridian, Idaho 83642. You can also view the three budget workshops that were live streamed for more information on projects, here.

“It’s important for our community to be part of the budget process. We want to be completely transparent in how we are putting tax dollars to use. That transparency and openness is one of the many reasons residents tell me they love living in Meridian,” said Mayor Tammy.

Following the public hearing on Tuesday, August 21, the council will formally vote on the FY19 budget. The meeting (like all other city council meetings), will be LIVE streamed, which can be accessed here, or via our City’s website

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