Elections for City Council are held every two years with three of the six seats up for election. Election of the Mayor is held every four years. City Council members and the Mayor serve four year terms of office. The next election for City Council seats 2, 4 and 6 will occur on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November 2021.

Mayor and Council Incumbent List and Election Year
SeatRe-election YearIncumbentTerm (Years)
Mayor (1/7/20)2023Robert Simison4
Seat 12023Liz Strader4
Seat 22021Joe Borton4
Seat 32023Brad Hoaglun4
Seat 42021Treg Bernt4
Seat 52023Jessica Perreault4
Seat 62021Luke Cavener4

A candidate has to declare that he/she is a qualified elector and the qualifications of a registered elector are as follows:

• Resident of City;

• Registered voter;

• Eighteen (18) years old;

• Candidate has to file a completed declaration of candidacy accompanied by (1) a petition of candidacy signed by not less than five (5) registered qualified electors; or (2) a non-refundable filing fee of forty dollars ($40).

The Declaration of Candidacy period is Monday, August 26, 2019 8:00 a.m. through Friday, September 6, 2019 5:00 p.m. The Declaration of Candidacy form must be turned into the Meridian City Clerk’s Office located at 33 E. Broadway Avenue. If the candidate wishes to submit the declaration of candidacy signed by not less than five (5) registered qualified electors, the form must first be verified by the Ada County Elections office located at 400 N. Benjamin Lane prior to submittal at the Meridian City Clerk’s Office. If the candidate wishes to pay the non-refundable filing fee of forty dollars ($40), the form can be submitted directly to the Meridian City Clerk’s Office.

2019 Candidate Forms and Other Information

2019 Election Calendar

2019 Campaign Finance Reporting Manual

Candidate FAQs

Declaration of Candidacy

Petition of Candidacy

Declaration of Treasurer (C-1 Appointment and Certification of Political Treasurer)

Declaration of Intent for Write-in Candidates

Withdrawal of Candidacy

Withdrawal of Declaration of Intent for Write-in Candidates

Finance Disclosure Forms

C-2 Campaign Finance Disclosure Report (9 Pages Linked Below)

Pg 1 Summary

Pg 2 Detailed Summary

*Pg 3 Itemized Contributions

* Pg 4 Itemized Expenditures

* Pg 5 In-Kind Contributions & Expenditures

* Pg 6 Loans

* Pg 7 Credit Cards & Debt

* Pg 8 Credit Card & Debt Itemization

* Pg 9 Pledged Contributions Not Yet Received

* If you are filling out multiple pages you will need to fill out the page, print it out, clear it and then fill it out with your second page of data. Typing over the page deletes what you previously entered.

C-4 Independent Expenditures

C-5 48 Hour Notice

C-6 Statement by a Non-business Entity

C-7 48 Hour Notice of Independent Expenditures

C-8 Report of Electioneering Communication

Report of Alleged  Violation of Idaho Sunshine Law 

Form L-5: Report of Alleged Violation of Idaho Sunshine Law (Title 67, Chapter 66, Idaho Code