How to Access Current Land Use Project Information and Public Records

It is a high priority to the City of Meridian that citizens have easy access to information regarding ongoing land use applications. Information regarding the application submitted or its status in the approval process is now simple and easy to locate using the City of Meridian LaserFiche weblink. This weblink called “Searchable Documents” is where all City of Meridian public records are housed. It can be accessed by visiting , and clicking the following topics; City Government > Departments > City Clerk > Public Records > Public Records Available Online or by typing the following address into your web browser We recommend saving the web address as one of your internet “favorites” if you access City of Meridian records regularly. Once at the “Searchable Documents” site you will be asked to read and accept our terms of use. Please note that if multiple people are accessing the system simultaneously, you may see an error message. If this occurs, please wait 10 minutes and attempt to access the web page again.

You will see all available document types sorted alphabetically by folder and subfolder then organized by year. To access land use files please click the Projects Folder. Land use files are sorted by application year and project name. Click on a project file to access all documents the City of Meridian Clerk’s Office maintains for the project. You will have access to documents such as; applications, public and agency comments, minutes, hearing notices, etc. These folders are continually updated as new information is received.

We encourage all interested parties to familiarize themselves with our records repository and use this weblink to stay informed and current on all land use projects and city public records. Our hope is that this will make land use projects easy to locate and research while keeping citizens updated to the application’s statuses. In the event you are still having difficulty finding the information you are interested in please email us at or call the City Clerk’s Office at 208-888-4433 and any member of our staff would be happy to assist you.

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