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Frequently Asked Questions

We are located on the First floor in Community Development at 33 E. Broadway (Just north of the railroad tracks between Main Street and Meridian Road). As you enter City Hall go towards council chambers and make a left, go to the end of the hall way and we are on the left hand side.

All Planning applications are an electronic submission through the Citizen’s Access Portal (ACA) ». Customers are able to submit applications, pay fees, and track the progress of planning applications anytime, anywhere. Once an application is submitted, customers will be able to monitor their project’s progress through the ACA portal. We have created How To Guides that are available under the “Home” tab on the ACA landing page.  These guides will be helpful in helping you navigate the application process. 

For information or questions regarding the applicable application and processes for each type, click here ».

You may access applications forms online under the Applications and Checklists ».


The City of Meridian allows residents to apply for a home occupation with an Accessory Use application ». Home occupations must be low-impact uses that do not change or disturb the residential character of your neighborhood. The regulations governing home occupations require that you meet all the following conditions: only one non-resident shall be permitted for employment; only products manufactured at the home may be sold from the home; the home occupation may not cause significant traffic; the home occupation cannot disturb neighboring residence with noise, vibration, odor etc.; and standards outlines in Section 11-4-3.21 » of the Meridian Unified Development Code.

The uses allowed on you property depend on the zoning of your property. The City of Meridian has assigned a zone to every property located in the City of Meridian. Zoning regulates the types and densities of residential development and the types of industrial and commercial uses allowed. The City of Meridian Planning Division can assist you in determining the zoning of your property and the uses allowed in that zone. For your reference you may view Section 11-2A-2 »11-2B-2 » , 11-2C-1 », and 11-2D-1 » of the Meridian Unified Development Code online. This will show the uses allowed in different zoning districts. Uses are listed as “P” Principal Permitted Use, “A” Accessory Use, and “C” Conditional Use. If none of these are listed, the use is prohibited in that zone.

Some uses require review by the Planning & Zoning Commission before they can be permitted. Conditional Use Permits are usually required because the proposed use has the potential to have a significant impact on neighboring properties. The Conditional Use process ensures that the public has an opportunity to review and comment on the application. A Conditional Use Permit is an application process which has a public hearing before Meridian’s Planning & Zoning Commission. The public hearing process for Conditional Use takes approximately three months from start to finish. The City will send notices to neighbors within 300 feet of the property and public agencies such as irrigation districts and the Ada County Highway District. This gives anyone who may be affected, an opportunity to comment on the proposed use of the property. You may obtain information regarding Conditional uses in Section 11-5B-6 » of the Meridian Unified Development Code. The Conditional Use Permit Application Checklist » will give the steps necessary to complete the process.

Principal Permitted Uses are those that are allowed outright without a public hearing based on the Unified Development Code. However, if you are constructing a new building, exterior alterations and/or the establishment of a new use, you must submit an application for a Certificate of Zoning Compliance (CZC) » prior to obtaining a building permit. You are only allowed one structure to be devoted to the Permitted Use in residential zones and multiple in commercial and industrial. As part of the CZC application, you will need to submit a site/landscape plan in conformance with the Unified Development Code. Staff will review the proposed parking, landscaping, setbacks, lot area, etc.

You may construct a solid or closed-vision fence up to 6-feet in height from the front setback of your house to the rear property line. You may construct a 3-foot solid or 4-foot open vision fence from the front of your house to the front of your property line. If your house is next to a public pathway, private path, or open space area in the subdivision, you are likely to have height restrictions placed on your fence adjacent in these areas. Contact Meridian’s Planning Division for details. You can find regulations regarding fences in Section 11-3A-7 of the Unified Development Code. A building permit is not required if the fence is being constructed with the home. Otherwise, you will need to contact the Building Division to obtain a permit.

You are required to obtain an Accessory Use Permit to operate a business out of your home. If applying for a daycare, you may have up to six children during a 24 hour period. Sections 11-4-3.9 of the Unified Development Code outline the regulations regarding daycare facilities serving up to six children ». If more than six children are proposed, you must be in a zone that allows this and a Conditional Use Permit will be required. Sections 11-4-3.9 » and 11-5B-6 » of the Unified Development Code outline the regulations for daycare facilities serving over six children.

Setbacks are determined according to the zoning district of your property. You may obtain zoning district information through our online current zoning map ». You may view sections 11-2A-1 thru 11-2D-6 of the Unified Development Code for setback information once you obtain the zoning designation of your property.

Applications that require a public hearing before the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council take approximately 3 to 4 months to process from the date of submittal until the final paper work is completed. Accessory Use applications » are reviewed at staff level and typically take about 3 weeks to process, unless there is an objection.

What is required to put up a sign for my business?

You are required to obtain a Sign Permit prior to erecting a sign on your property. You may reference sign regulations in Section 11-3D-8 of the Unified Development Code. Sign Permit applications » are available online.

The City mails a notice out to all property owners within 300 feet of a property when a development application is submitted. This notice details the request and allows surrounding property owners an opportunity to comment for or against the application at or prior to the public hearing. You can obtain more information on the application by contacting the Planning Division at 208 884-5533 or viewing Public Applications » on the City Clerk’s page ».

You may the view the Unified Development Code » on-line at the City of Meridian website.

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