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Future Land Use Cutsheets

Future Land Use Designations

City Wide Designations

The following Future Land Use Map (FLUM) Cut Sheets have been developed to assist prospective developers, property owners, and interested citizens understand the designations which make up the FLUM. Each Cut Sheet provides a description, sample policy, and site patterns/diagrams. For Cut Sheets specific to the Ten Mile Interchange Specific Area Plan, see section below ».

The Future Land Use Map is available in interactive and PDF format here ».

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Ten Mile Interchange Specific Area Plan Land Use Designations

The Ten Mile Interchange Specific Area Plan (TMISAP) utilizes its own future land use designations, and includes design elements specific to these land uses. Each cut sheet provides a brief overview of the designation, applicable zoning, uses, images, and references to applicable design elements sheets that are specific to the TMISAP.

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