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Public Transportation

Valley Regional Transit (VRT) is the regional public transportation authority for Ada and Canyon counties in southwest Idaho. VRT’s main responsibilities are to coordinate transit services in the two-county area and develop and implement a regional public transportation system. VRT owns and operates the public bus system in Meridian, Boise and Garden City and contracts for transit services for Nampa/Caldwell and between Ada and Canyon counties. These services are operated under the name ValleyRide.

Today, bus service in Meridian includes: Route 40 and Route 42 Inter-County lines, Rides2Wellness, Harvest Transit, Meridian Veterans Shuttle, and ACCESS paratransit services. Also, the City of Meridian and VRT are working together to plan for a future fixed-line bus service in Meridian. More information about bus services, including maps and schedules, can be found at The VRT Help Desk can also be reached at (208) 345-7433.

Route 30

The new Route 30 Pine in Meridian scheduled to begin on Monday, October 3. This new route will provide fixed-route bus service between the Ten Mile interchange and Kleiner Park. Check here for updates on the service, including a map and a schedule.

Route 40 and Route 42 Inter-County

Route 40 and Route 42 Inter-County run Monday through Friday with peak service hours and connect Meridian to both Boise and Nampa/Caldwell. This service operates on a fixed-route system, which means they pass through a series of predetermined stops that passengers travel to and from on their own.


ACCESS is a paratransit transportation service designed to complement the Valley Regional Transit fixed-route and on-demand bus systems, this service is available to people who are unable to utilize the fixed-route or on-demand bus systems because of a disability. Pickup and drop-off locations for ACCESS service will be within three-fourths of a mile of fixed-route service. Service operates Monday through Saturday with the same hours as the fixed-line bus system. Call 877-232-7433 or click here » for more information.


Rides2Wellness helps you get to your medical appointments by providing free transportation in the Treasure Valley Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. This program will pick you up from your home and drop you off at your appointment. In order to schedule a ride, call the VRT Help Desk at 208-345-7433 at least two business days prior to your appointment.

Meridian Veterans Shuttle

Meridian Veterans Shuttle provides free transportation for Meridian veterans Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. between Meridian and the Boise Veterans Administration Medical Center. In order to schedule a ride, call the VRT Help Desk at 208-345-7433 at least two business days prior to your appointment.

Harvest Transit

Harvest Transit provides free transportation for seniors, persons with disabilities, and veterans Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. within a designated service area in Meridian to reach activities and services within the community. Pick up is in front of your house and the service will take you to any location within the service area. Schedule your ride at least 2 business days in advance by calling 208-343-4414. More information and the service map can be found at

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