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Transportation Planning and Studies

Transportation planning today clearly requires a regional rather than a solely local view. Most people do not spend their entire day in one town. Driving to work, school, shops and recreation may require driving through several towns and rural areas. Communities acting individually cannot solve regional transportation demands. Also, funding resources are limited. It makes sense for communities to collaborate to make sure that transportation systems work smoothly together and that individual projects make the system as a whole stronger.

The City of Meridian, in a coordinated effort with other Treasure Valley agencies, is working hard to prepare for future growth and the many opportunities it brings. An important element of preparing for an increase in population and jobs is planning the necessary transportation improvements that will allow a larger number of residents and visitors to get around. Below are some of the plans and studies that have been completed and others that are currently underway that will shape the future transportation network. These plans and studies are organized by the lead agency.

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