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Utility Easement Information

Public utility companies in Meridian City offer various essential services, including water, sewer, gas, electric, and communications infrastructure. Whether above ground on utility poles or below ground, these companies install, maintain, and repair their equipment to ensure uninterrupted services. Property owners should be aware of how utilities support both private property and the community, along with the rights utility providers have to access specific corridors as outlined in the Idaho State Code. This grants them the authority to utilize utility easements, potentially accessing easements along or within private property with appropriate notice

Residential Utility Easement

Definitions in City of Meridian Municipal Code (UDC 11-1A-1):

Utility is defined as electrical, natural gas, water, wastewater, telephone and cable services and facilities.
Easement is defined as a right of use, falling short of ownership, and usually for a certain stated purpose, as defined by Idaho Code § 50-1301.

Typical Easement Width(s):

Public utility, drainage, and irrigation easements are typically 10 feet wide along the required street and rear yards and 5 feet along the side yard (see figures for reference). However, in some cases, these easements can be larger depending the purpose of the easement. These areas are also used for lot drainage and pressurized irrigation systems. For more information, please contact the City of Meridian Planning Division at (208) 884-5533 to confirm the purpose and easement width.

Can a utility provider access these easements?

Yes, a utility provider can access these easements. The City encourages utility providers to notice residents prior to taking access as outlined in Idaho State Codes. At a minimum, providers must contact the government entity responsible for the easement (ACHD, Irrigation District, etc.), and provide sound construction practices as well as repair any damages. Common utility providers that may use these easements include power companies, gas companies, irrigation and drainage districts, cable, fiber and telecom companies and others. A list of utility providers operating in Meridian can be found below with their contact information.

Utility Providers Operating in Meridian:

For more information, please contact the City of Meridian Planning Division at (208) 884-5533.

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