Glass recycling comes to you in two forms.

The first option is curb-side glass. For a monthly fee, Republic Services will deliver a glass only recycling cart to your home which will be collected every four weeks. You can sign up for curb-side glass recycling through Republic Services by clicking the "Sign up for Glass Cart" button above.

The second form is a glass drop-off and is offered at no additional cost. You can drop off your recyclable glass at the Republic Services Transfer Station located at 2130 W. Franklin Road in Meridian.

Glass Recycling Reminders:

  • Please remove all lids, caps, and corks.
  • Please give your glass bottles and jars a light rinse prior to recycling.
  • Broken bottles and jars are accepted.
  • Please do not include any light bulbs, light tubes, dishes, mugs, porcelain, or ceramics in your glass recycling.
  • Please do not include shower doors, window glass, or fish tanks in your glass recycling.