Look for: Caution, Danger, Poison, Warning, Corrosive, Flammable, Explosive, Oxidizer, Irritant, Environmental Hazard

Fireman extinguishing a fire that started in a trash hauler
Please help to keep Meridian Fire Department, your Republic Services driver, and our environment safe by properly disposing of Hazardous and Electronic Waste.

Don't Dump It! Don't Toss It!
Leftover household products that contain corrosive, toxic, ignitable, or reactive ingredients are considered to be household hazardous waste (HHW). These products contain potentially hazardous ingredients and require special care and should be brought to a HHW Site for proper disposal.

Products Include:
Appliances containing Freon. *See below for special instructions
Cooking Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOG) *See below for special instructions                                                              Gasoline (please do not fill container completely full, only 75%. Gasoline needs room to expand.
Motor Oils
Mercury containing Items: Fever Thermometers, Fluorescent Lights, Switches, Thermostats
Non-Alkaline Batteries: Button, lithium, Rechargeable, Vehicle
TVs and Computer Monitors

*Freon: Appliances that typically contain Freon include refrigerators, air conditioners, water coolers, mini-fridges, freezers, and dehumidifiers. Household appliances that contain Freon can be scheduled for pick up through Republic Services for an additional fee per item. This fee will be added to your utility bill.

*FOG: Fat, oil, and grease, or FOG as it is known, is a by-product of cooking many foods. Examples are meats, dairy products, soups, and anything with vegetable oil. FOG solidifies when cool and can block and damage sewer pipes; thus, it should not go down the drain.
Residents can let it cool, can it, and take it to a HHW site to be recycled.  
Please note:

  • FOG: For Residents only
  • FOG: Limit to five (5) gallons per drop-off day
  • FOG: Must be in a tight-fitting lid

More information on FOG can be found on our wastewater page.

Meridian's HHW Site Contact and Hours of Operation:
2130 West Franklin Road. Meridian, Idaho 83642 (at Republic Services' Office)
Open every Monday (except Holidays) from 12 pm - 7 pm

A good rule of thumb is to look at the total of the materials you want to bring to the mobile event and estimate its quantity. If the quantity is greater than 25 gallons, that quantity should be taken up to the Ada County Hazardous Materials Collection Facility.

If a collection vehicle is not on-site, DO NOT leave items as it creates hazardous conditions. 
For more information, visit the Ada County Landfill’s website to learn how to properly handle and dispose of household hazardous wastes.