Residential Recycling Program

The City of Meridian encourages residents to participate in the variety of recycling services available. Due to global market changes in recycling, there has been a recent shift as to what can be recycled in your general recycling cart. However, new programs have been developed to aid residents in their recycling efforts.

Recycling Guidelines

  • Set carts out by 7:00 a.m., remove from street within 24 hours.
  • Place wheeled cart against the curb or along the alley with the handle pointing towards your residence; do not block the sidewalk with carts.
  • Keep carts at least three feet away from other carts, mailboxes, fire hydrants, low hanging trees or shrubs, parked cars or utility poles so trucks can easily access the cart.
  • Do not place hazardous waste in your trash or recycling cart. See Household Hazardous Waste for more information.

Trash & Recycling Service Questions
Republic Services Inc.

Billing Questions
City of Meridian Billing Dept.

City of Meridian Solid Waste Program
Solid Waste Coordinator
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