May 2nd – May 6th, 2022


From Monday, May 2nd through Friday, May 6th, Meridian residential customers can put out (on their normal trash pickup day) additional trash and accepted bulky items for free.

Spring Clean Up is for trash only. Any extra recyclable materials can be brought to the Meridian Transfer Station for free.

Bulky Item Collection:

Bulky items are items too large for your trash cart such as chairs and appliances (e.g., dishwashers).

Schedule online for your pickup by clicking on the Schedule Items button located at the top left of the page. Scheduling opens April 1st and closes April 29th at noon.


  • Listing of accepted bulky items is located within the scheduling form.
  • Place items next to your trash cart.
  • Bulky items that DO NOT contain Freon are free during this event.
    • For Freon appliances (e.g. refrigerators, A/C units), the regular fee of $61.06 still applies. This fee is            added to your utility bill.
  • Each Household is limited to seven (7) bulky items.
  • Outside of large appliances, bulky Items may not weigh more than 60 pounds.
  • NOT Accepted: basketball hoops with cement footings attached, bathtubs, boats, construction &              demolition debris, fence posts, hot tubs, large car parts, pianos, tires, tube TVs, or business waste.
  • If you have electronic waste (e.g., rechargeable batteries, computer items, or TVs) bring them to the          Household Hazardous Waste Site for free. Open Mondays at the Meridian Republic Services’ office        from noon to 7pm.
  • Please note, bulky items are collected by a separate truck, which may come at a different time than          your regular trash pickup.

Extra Trash Bags and Smaller Item Collection:

  • All smaller items must be contained within a tightly closed plastic bag, personal trash container, box,        or bundled and tied together. Your personal containers will not be taken away.
  • Each household is limited to ten (10) small items.
  • For plastic bags, a 30-pound weight limit applies to each bag.
  • Personal container must be smaller than 32-gallons and weigh less than 60-pounds.
  • Trash bundle cannot exceed 4 feet in length and weight no more than 30-pounds.
  • NOT Accepted: sharp objects, such as broken glass and syringes; and hazardous waste.
  • Bring hazardous waste to the Household Hazardous Waste Site for free. Open Mondays at the                Meridian Republic Services’ office from noon to 7pm.

If you have questions, please contact Republic Services by calling (208) 345-1265 or emailing

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