The mission of the budget is to help decision-makers make informed choices about the provision of services and capital assets and to promote stakeholder participations in the process.

The City Council is responsible for adopting the City’s budget and for appropriating the resources required to fund the City’s plan of services and facilities. The City Council, Mayor and Directors review monthly budgetary performance by the City departments and reviews and approves significant changes in budgets during the budget period.

The Mayor directs the staff in developing and submitting the proposed budget to the City Council. The Mayor directs City departments in managing the budget within the policy parameters set by the City Council. The Mayor and Directors recommend significant changes in the budget as required by policy.

The Department of Finance assists and supports the Mayor, the departments, Council and the citizens in developing and administering the budget. The Department of Finance manages the annual Budget Development processes, the interim budget change process and budgetary documentation and reporting. The Department of Finance also develops and updates the Capital Improvement Plan, Monthly Budget Reports and multiple projection models.

The City departments prepare budgets to meet strategic and immediate goals and service objectives for review and action by the City Council. Upon adoption, they manage the budgets to achieve performance targets in the most cost efficient manner possible. Departments have broad discretion to manage their budgets and to transfer money within the total appropriations authorized for them within the annual budget.

The annual Budget/Fiscal Year begins on October 1 of each year.

The City of Meridian annual Budget Workshops will occur at the City Hall Council Chambers tentatively scheduled during June and July of each year and is subject to change.

Please contact the Finance Department for any questions regarding the Annual City Budget process.

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