Impact Fee Plan

Impact fees are generally defined as one-time assessments used to recover the capital costs borne by local governments due to the new growth and development. Impact fees are governed by principles established in Title 67, Chapter 82, Idaho Code, known as the Idaho Development Impact Fee Act (Impact Fee Act) which specifically gives cities, towns and counties the authority to levy impact fees. The Idaho Code defines an impact fee as “…a payment of money imposed as a condition of development approval to pay for a proportionate share of the cost of the system improvements needed to serve development”

The Impact Fee Act repeats the legislative findings that “…an equitable program for planning and financing public facilities needed to serve new growth and development is necessary in order to promote and accommodate orderly growth and development and to protect the public health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of the state of Idaho.”

Impact Fees - Approved May 2014

Impact Fee Study Report - FY2013

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