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Fire Chief 

Kristopher T. Blume is the Fire Chief of Meridian Fire Department, Idaho. With over two decades of fire service experience, he is an author, lecturer and independent consultant. He is a graduate of the Executive Fire Officer (EFO) program and is an instructor at the National Fire Academy. As a student of the fire service, Blume is focused on values-driven, mission-focused leadership for the profession.

Command Staff

Charlie Butterfield

Deputy Chief of Administration

Jordan Reese

Deputy Chief of Operations

Joe Bongiorno

Deputy Chief of Prevention

Braidy Ross

Admin Services Division Manager

J.D. Hendrick

Division Chief of Emergency Medical Services

Josh Janssen

Division Chief of Logistics

Brady George

Division Chief of Training

Michael Warmuth

Division Chief of Health & Safety

Carly Shears

Community Risk Reduction Division Manager


Public Safety Information Officer

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