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Blood Pressure Checks - Where can I get my blood pressure checked?
You can go to any Meridian Fire Station and have your blood pressure checked, at no charge.

Burn Permit - Am I required to get a Burn Permit?
Individuals living outside of city limits who wish to burn are required to get a burn permit through the Idaho Department of Lands during burning season, which runs May 10th through October 20th. Rules on open burning.

Car Seat Inspections - How do I get my Child’s Car Seat checked for proper installation?
Meridian Fire Department has designated personnel that are trained and certified to do Car Seat Checks. Please check our Child Safety Seats page for our next Car Seat Inspection event. 

Certified Family Home - Where can I get a Letter stating that my Certified Family Home is in the Meridian Fire District?
To get a letter stating that your Certified Family Home is in the Meridian Fire District, contact the Fire Administration offices at 208-888-1234, or send your request to Please be sure to include the address of the Certified Family Home.

Day Care Inspection - How do I schedule a Day Care Inspection?
The $25 inspection fee must be received before a Day Care Inspection will be scheduled. You may pay in person or mail a check to 33 E. Broadway Ave. #210, Meridian ID 83642. When mailing in your payment please include your name and phone number so we can reach you. You can also pay by debit/credit card on our webpage.  Once payment is received the Fire Inspector will be in touch with you to schedule the inspection.
More information about daycare inspections.

Donation of a Structure - What are the requirements to donate a structure?
If you are interested in donating a home to the Meridian Fire Department for the use of Training, please see the attached list of requirements. For further information, contact Division Chief of Training, Jordan Reese at 208-888-1234 or

Employment - How Do I become employed with the Meridian Fire Department?
For more information on becoming a Fire Fighter with the Meridian Fire Department, click here.

Fire Extinguishers - Where do I get my Fire Extinguisher Serviced?
Meridian Fire Department does not service Fire Extinguishers nor do we support any specific company.

Fire and Life Safety Inspections - How do I schedule my Annual Fire and life Safety Inspection?
To schedule your Annual Fire and Life Safety Inspection, contact our administration office at 208-888-1234 or

Fire Pits - What are the rules for back yard Fire Pits or Ceremonial Fires?
It is not required to get a burn permit for Fire Pits or Ceremonial Fires. Please refer to our Open Burning page to get more information on Fire Pits and Ceremonial Fires.

Household Hazardous Waste - Does Meridian Fire Department accept Household Hazardous Wastes?
Meridian Fire Department does not accept Household Hazardous Wastes. Household Hazardous Wastes can be dropped off at Republic Services every Monday from 12noon-7pm, except major holidays. Look for the Enviroguard truck located at 2130 W. Franklin Rd. (between Ten Mile and Linder). To get more information, you may contact Republic Services at 345-1265. For additional information, visit our household hazardous waste webpage. There are also other locations located in the Treasure Valley that collects HHW, Click here to see a schedule.

Incident Report - How do I request an Incident Report?
In order to get an Incident Report, you must fill out a Public Records Request Form. This interactive form can be found online, here

ISO Rating - What is my ISO rating?
If you live in the City Limits of Meridian your ISO rating is a 3. If you live outside the City Limits (County or Rural), please contact the administration offices by phone at 208-888-1234 to review your property. Or you can email your request to Please be sure to include the address that needs to be verified.

Juvenile Fire Setter - Who do I contact I have a concern regarding a Juvenile Fire Setter?
If you have a concern regarding a Juvenile Fire Setter, contact our Public Education Division at 884-0597, or For more general information on Juvenile Fire Setters, refer to our Juvenile Fire Setter Pamphlet.

Knox Box - How do I order a Knox Box?
Visit the Knox Box website to order your Knox Box online.

Open Burning Rules - What are the regulations on Open Burning?
For information regarding open burning in the Meridian Fire District please refer to our Open Burning page.

Plan Reviews & Inspections - Who do I contact to get Plan Revisions and inspections?
Contact the City of Meridian Building Department @ 208-887-2211.

Sky Lanterns - Are Sky Lanterns legal to use in Meridian?
No.  For more information, click here.
IFC section 308.1.6.3

Smoke Detector - How often do I change out the Batteries in my Smoke Detector?
Batteries in Smoke Detectors are suggested to be changed out with new batteries twice a year. An easy way to remember to change your batteries is to do it when you change your clocks to and from Daylight Savings Time.

Tours - How do I schedule a Station Tour?
Please click here to fill out a tour request form. We schedule approximately two weeks out. If you need additional information please call our Administration Offices @ 888-1234.

Weeds - How do I report a Weed issue?
All Weed Issues are referred to Code Enforcement. You can reach Code Enforcement by calling the Meridian Police Department at 208-888-6678.

Wood Stove - How do I get an Inspection of my Wood Stove?
To get an inspection on your Wood Burning Stove, please contact the Building Department @ 208-887-2211.