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Past City Survey Results

2020  City Survey

The City of Meridian is pleased to share the results of its recent city-wide survey that was administered to assess citizen satisfaction with City services and gauge their priorities. Among the highlights, 91% of residents surveyed believe Meridian is a good or excellent place to live and raise a family, with 92% saying they have an “overall feeling of safety” here.

“The results of this survey make me proud of our team and the services they deliver every day to our community. Our employees take pride in not just the work they do, but how they do it, which is reflected in the customer service ratings. I am continually grateful for their efforts in serving Meridian” said Mayor Simison, City of Meridian.

Residents rated many areas higher than in the 2017 City Survey. The City saw increased satisfaction in the areas of communications, police response to emergencies and code enforcement. “We continue to see improvements in many service areas, which is a testament to the team’s efforts” said Simison.

As part of the survey, comparative benchmarks were made between Meridian, the Mountain Region, and the United States. The City and its partners rated above the national average in 41 of the 45 areas that were compared and significantly higher (difference of 5% or more) than the U.S. average in 39 areas. Overall quality of City services provided, customer service from City employees, and overall value received for City taxes/fees were each at least 30% higher than the U.S average.

While overall results were very positive, the City has identified opportunities for improvement. Managing the rapid growth in Meridian presents challenges, and development should enhance the quality of life in Meridian. Meridian needs to preserve its sense of community and ensure that the City is headed in the right direction. Central themes including roads/traffic/transportation, education/schools, and growth/development were identified by the respondents’ ranking as the top priorities to focus on over the next three years. Additionally, respondents indicated that jobs and economic development need further attention.

“I was not surprised to see which areas our community sees as opportunities for improvement resulting from growth. I discussed several of these issues in my State of the City address and continue to remain committed to making them a priority,” explained Simison. “Advancement will require strong collaboration with our local partners in both transportation and education. The City is committed to working with the agencies that oversee these priority areas as well as stakeholders, to find and implement innovative and proactive solutions.”

The City of Meridian survey was conducted by ETC institute. With 704 randomly selected participants, the survey resulted in a margin of error plus or minus 3.7% at a 95% level of confidence. To view the complete results use the buttons below. This reporting page will be updated with the necessary links as they become available.

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