All users 14 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult (18+ years) at all times.

All users must complete/sign a liability form or check in sheet.

Staff reserves the right to add, amend or delete rules as necessary.

Staff reserves the right to remove any member or guest that exhibits behavior that is believed to be unsafe or inappropriate.

Staff reserves the right to resolve all conflicts during play on the gym floor.

Use of profanity is prohibited at all times.

Fighting and horseplay is prohibited.

Headphones must be worn to listen to personal music.

All equipment must be used properly. Please report any damaged equipment to staff.

Outside food or coolers will not be allowed in the facility.

No spitting, chewing tobacco, alcohol, smoking, or vaping in the facility.

Water containers must have a secure lid and cannot be taken onto the gym floor.

No glass containers.

Clean up and report spills to staff.

Be aware that others will be using the facility.

When a session ends, PLEASE leave the floor promptly so the next scheduled activity can begin.

No pets are allowed with except of those assisting a person with a disability.

NO organization team practices during open gym times.

Please do not kick balls in the gym.

In the gymnasium:
- Non-traditional gymnasium equipment must be approved by the facility manager.
- Courts in the gymnasium may be reserved by other groups.
- Dunking is not allowed.

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