New 2020 Documentary: Smokescreen, 20 fact based reasons to preserve Idaho's quality of life.

Marijuana's environmental impact on wildlife, river water and forests. The perceived tax revenues of legalization. Medical marijuana, fact or fiction? Increased youth use of marijuana, addiction and psychosis. Destruction of rental properties from "home grows". CBD vs. THC vs. Edibles, not the same weed as the 1960's. And more...


(Resources listed by topic, in alphabetical order.)


Cannabis: Hemp, CBD & Marijuana

Data: State & National Youth Surveys

Electronic Cigarettes & Nicotine (Tobacco)


Legislative Tracking: Follow Drug Related Legislation & Learn How to Get Involved

Local, State & National Resources: Prevention, Treatment & Support

Meridian Drug Bulletins

The following bulletins are created in partnership with the Meridian Police Department to educate community members and encourage families to have ongoing prevention conversations. 

Natural High (NH) Positive Social Norm Campaign

Natural High: an activity, art or sport that makes you feel good inside.


Prescription Drugs (Medicine)

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