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Voting Season

A good number of Meridian residents have visited Meridian City Hall this past week to participate in early voting. It has been great to see the level of activity for this midterm election year. I want to remind residents that now is the time to have your voice heard - whether as part of early voting, the absentee process or on Election Day.

Early Voting is available at Meridian City Hall in Conference Rooms A and B, until Friday November 4. Any resident of Ada County can vote 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday. Working in partnership with the Ada County Clerk, making City Hall an early voting location is our way to make voting accessible and convenient so that as many people as possible exercise this important right. Voting is as fundamental as any other liberty afforded to people under the constitution. This is your opportunity to let your thoughts be known about important issues and topics that impact the State of Idaho and our community, and your way to hold elected officials accountable for our decisions.

This election, we have all the State Constitutional Offices and the Legislators on the ballot, as well as local races for Ada County, College of Western Idaho, the Ada County Highway District and more. Those elected will be responsible for addressing the ongoing issues and topics such as transportation and education.  Our City survey results continue to show that these are important issues impacting Meridian. Inform yourself on what will be on your ballot and research who you want to represent you. For complete election information, forms, and any questions you may have about voting and the election process visit you can also visit where you can see your sample ballot and locate your polling location.

l also want to take a moment to extend my gratitude to the volunteers and staff of the Ada County Elections, who perform this massive undertaking and keep the integrity of our elections a focus. When you vote - be it early, absentee or on election day, take a moment and share your gratitude to those dedicating their time to our right to vote.

For myself, I will be voting on November 8th as it is my tradition. It has been great seeing the “I Voted” stickers adorning people and I look forward to seeing many more between now and the close of election day.

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