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2022- 2023 Neighborhood Grant Program

Meridian City Council has allocated $50,000 for Neighborhood Grants, to be awarded to Meridian residents for projects that bring Meridian neighbors together and improve the community.  Applicants may apply for Neighborhood Grant funds in any amount up to $50,000, and may request funds for more than one project.  Projects must be complete by September 9, 2023.


Application period open: January 6, 2023
Applications due: March 6, 2023, 5:00 p.m.
Selection panel recommendation: By March 20, 2023
Applicants notified: March 27, 2023
Signed agreement due: April 10, 2023
Project completion: September 9, 2023
Final report due: September 15, 2023, 5:00 p.m.

Eligibility and Criteria

Projects funded with Neighborhood Grant funds must be located on public property located within the City of Meridian.  Applicants must be residents of the City of Meridian or organizations operating within the City of Meridian.  Upon selection of a project for funding, the City of Meridian will require the successful Applicant to enter into a grant recipient agreement establishing terms and conditions of the grant funds). In awarding Neighborhood Grants, the selection panel will consider the following criteria:

  1. Capacity for neighbor engagement in Project implementation and final deliverable;
  2. Contribution to improvement of neighborhood environment and sense of community;
  3. Suitability of proposed Project for project site; and
  4. Long-term viability. maintenance and impact of proposed Project.


To apply, Applicants must submit the following materials to the City Contact listed below.  If applying for more than one grant, a separate application must be completed for each project. 

1. Completed Grant Application form
2. Written narrative answering each and all of the following questions:

   a) What do you propose to accomplish and how?
   b) How do you plan to engage and use volunteers, specifically your neighbors, to help on the project? How many volunteers will be needed?
   c) What is the desired impact of this project on your neighborhood and how will you measure it?
   d) What is the plan for long-term maintenance of items that will be purchased, built, or installed with the funds (if applicable)?
   e) What is the priority of this Project (if applying for grant funds for more than one project)?

3. Detailed Project plan, including timeline with specific dates.
4. Detailed Project budget, listing Neighborhood Grant funds, partner organization funds, and in-kind and monetary donations.
5. Written permission from property owner allowing the use of the property for the proposed project.
6. If project involves collaboration or co-funding with other organizations or businesses on this project, a letter of acknowledgement and support from each.

City Contact

Submit application and reporting materials to, and direct any questions to:

Jake Cluff, Community Relations & Policy Advisor
Address:33 E. Broadway Avenue, Meridian, Idaho 83642
Phone: 208-489-0535

Reporting Requirements

All projects must be completed by Friday, September 9, 2023.  A final report must be submitted to the City Contact by Thursday, September 15, 2023.  The final report must include:

1. Written narrative answering each and all of the following questions:
   a) What did you accomplish, and how?
   b) How were volunteers engaged and used, and how many?
   c) What is the impact of this project on your neighborhood?
2. Final project budget, showing Neighborhood Grant funds, partner organization funds, and in-kind and monetary donations.
3. Receipts supporting final project budget.
4. Photographs of Project completion and final Project.
5. Check payable to City of Meridian for any unused funds.

Purchasing Requirements

If the proposed Project includes the purchase of goods, services, supplies, or equipment, purchases up to $15,000 will require one written quote, and purchases $15,001 to $50,000 require three written quotes. Documentation will be required prior to release of funds.


Neighborhood Grant funds may not be spent on gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or travel.  Funds will not be awarded to support any project that in any way: violates law or City policy; violates a legal ownership interest, such as a copyright, of any party.  Funds may not be spent for any purpose or message that includes, promotes, or fosters: profane, obscene, indecent, violent, or pornographic content and/or language; discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin; defamatory or personal attacks; threats to any person or organization; information that may compromise public safety; or any purpose or message that the City deems to be inappropriate or not in the best interest of the City of Meridian.  Additional limitations may apply.

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