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Public Health and Safety

Meridian will maintain its status as one of the safest communities in the West by investing in services and infrastructure that are essential to public health and safety. We will provide timely services, safe drinking water, and regulatory compliant wastewater services. We will evaluate the environmental impacts and our decisions, using data to inform our decision making. We will partner with our health community to ensure access to quality care for our citizens.

Goals and Strategies

Invest in innovative technologies and processes to enhance drinking water quality, improve clean water discharge qualities and reduce the impact on the external environment to protect public health and compliance with regulations.

  • Plan, install and operate needed facilities and infrastructure to meet or exceed customer service expectations and all regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Manage utility reliability to deliver uninterrupted services.
  • Improve customer interaction and customer response times for service delivery.
  • Engage in regulatory rulemaking process for emerging federal, state and local regulations.


Deploy public safety resources to neighborhoods, to facilitate positive engagement, dialogue and build community trust.

  • Identify and engage with the community with a focus on underserved populations.
  • Evaluate and update the PAM model to determine the appropriate level of service in the community.
  • Promote polices and activities that build community trust.
  • Partner with the business community to help prevent crimes against individuals and business.


Invest in needed Police facilities while implementing strategies to reduce property crime, improve traffic safety, enhance public education and prevention efforts and meet service level expectations.

  • Evaluate current organizational structure, process and courses for overall effectiveness.
  • Develop strategies for substations to improve patrol efficiencies and engagement with the public.
  • Utilize new training facilities to develop officer and leadership skillsets and collaborate with agencies throughout the Treasure Valley.


Invest in needed Fire facilities while implementing strategies to reduce loss of life and property, improve outcomes of response, enhance public education and risk reduction efforts to improve resident safety and meet service level expectations.

  • Utilize the Standards of Cover and Community Risk Reduction Assessment documents to implement a comprehensive City risk reduction plan.
  • Achieve a CPSE Accreditation for Fire Services.
  • Implement a multi-level housing safety and self-inspection program.
  • Achieve a 5-minute response time in underserved areas of the community.
  • Improve the City of Meridian’s ISRB rating from 3 to 2.


Develop and support plans with community health providers to ensure health care services are available in all parts of the community.

  • Partner and promote the Meridian Library District’s Meridian Moves Program to increase health awareness and improved outcomes for our citizens.
  • Increase access to community health services through promotion and engagement with our health partners.
  • Identify community needs with City Council and the Legislature to deploy mental health resources.


Outcome Measure

  • Improvement on how well the City is protecting the quality of the air and water
  • Improvement on how well the City is ensuring public safety – (Citizen Survey Q1, #10, #13)

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