by Mayor Tammy

It’s a new year and a new council! This month two new council members will be sworn in to office, and will serve our community for the next four years.

The first, Anne Little Roberts, is someone I have known for many years. I have had the pleasure of working with Anne on many projects, more recently in her role as President/CEO of the Meridian Chamber of Commerce. She’s lived in Meridian for 23 years and has a husband and a son. Anne graduated from Boise State with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Human Resources. Prior to her current role, she and her husband owned and managed several businesses including a manufacturing business and a fitness studio. As CEO of the Chamber she has become a voice for the Meridian business community, especially in areas of economic development and government affairs. She told me that she’s looking forward to continuing the collaborative efforts that have taken off the last couple of years of in our community – and has already proven this through her actions bringing the Chamber and City together. I’m excited to work with Anne in her new role on the council.

Our second new council member is making history as the youngest councilman to ever serve! We are eager to have Ty Palmer’s perspective on the council. Ty has called Meridian home his entire life, with the exception of two years on a mission for his church. He comes from a family of public servants; his grandfather was the Ada County Sheriff in the 70’s and his father currently serves in the State Legislature. He is a Political Science major at the College of Western Idaho and is the Director of Asset Protection at Capital Auto Loan. Ty tells me he wants to keep Meridian focused on preserving the safe, family-friendly atmosphere for generations to come. He will fit right in! Ty has a wife, twins (a son and a daughter) and another daughter at home. I look forward to working with Ty on the council and I appreciate his focus in keeping our community one that is a destination for families.

While not new, we have Genesis Milam returning to City Council having now been elected to serve a four year term following her initial election in 2014, which was for a two year term. Genesis wears many hats including a successful business consultant, real estate investor and entrepreneur. She has been active in bringing the community Meridian Business Day each year, has received desired recognition for her civic involvement and actively participates in a variety of groups and associations. She has lived in Meridian for 15 years.

Ty will be sworn in on January 5, 2016, replacing City Councilman Charlie Rountree; Genesis will also take her oath of office at this time, as will I. We will hold a reception on that Tuesday, Jan. 5th prior to the meeting for family, friends, and citizens that will begin at 5:30pm. Anne will be sworn in on January 12, 2016 so David Zaremba’s last council meeting will be January 5 (he serves until she takes over).

Of course we look forward to the new council but it is with heartfelt regret that we say goodbye to two of our veterans and dependable council members. They helped in building the number one City in the nation. Charlie’s expertise and leadership in transportation has been invaluable, advocating for projects that were very important to our community. David’s passion for planning and zoning, public transportation and his institutional knowledge about why things were adopted the way they were, will be unmatched. I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to work with these two public servants.

It’s a bittersweet time as we bid farewell to Charlie and David, but it’s a new year and a new day. I’m thankful to our community for once again putting their trust in me as Mayor, and I look forward to all we can accomplish over the next four years! I’m thrilled to welcome Anne and Ty, who I know will hit the ground running for Meridian. I’m also excited to be able to continue working with Genesis Milam, who was re-elected to Seat 5 and join council members Keith Bird, Joe Borton and Luke Cavener – all of whom share a passion for our community and a focus on keeping Meridian the number one place to live in America!

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