by Mayor Tammy

This is a busy week for the City with two huge opportunities for citizen engagement.

On Wednesday, you’re invited to a Town Hall at the brand new Hillsdale Elementary. We put together this Town Hall to give residents a chance to: Discuss and provide feedback on infrastructure in South Meridian; learn about new developments planned for the area south of I-84; gain understanding about the Meridian Library bond; and hear updates on the South Meridian YMCA partnership project. The meeting begins at 6:30pm. We will live stream it on our City of Meridian, Idaho Facebook page and we’ll post a video to our website,, the following day.

Prior to the Town Hall, on Tuesday, you’re invited to weigh in on the proposed budget for fiscal year 2017. The public hearing is set for 6pm at Meridian City Hall, and council will vote on the proposed budget following the hearing. We’ve held two workshops during the summer ahead of this public hearing. These workshops allowed the council and I, as well as the public, to hear presentations from each department on how your dollars are invested in bringing services to the community and what is needed in order to maintain levels of service. From those workshops, the council and our finance team have put together a proposed budget.

The proposed FY17 budget for the General Fund is $53.2 million. This includes a projected $9.9 million carried forward from the current budget year for projects currently under construction. The General Fund, comprised primarily of property tax revenue, is the account which pays for Police, Fire, Parks and the administrative functions of the City. The FY17 budget includes a 2% increase in the allowable property tax, primarily focused on public safety needs, along with several park projects paid for by growth impact fees. This includes supporting the City’s Public Safety Fund for future capital projects in the Police and Fire Departments.

The proposed FY17 budget for the Enterprise Fund is $66.7 million, including a projected $17.1 million carried forward from the current budget year for completion of ongoing projects. The Enterprise Fund, which is funded by water and sewer assessment fees and user rates, is the account used to fund the City’s water and wastewater operations and maintenance as well as the infrastructure necessary to serve our community and respond to ongoing regulatory requirements.

Ahead of Tuesday’s hearing, you are welcome to view the budget summary and notice, by visiting our website and clicking on City News and Meeting or view a full budget proposal in the Meridian City Clerk’s Office at City Hall. We will be live streaming the public hearing as we did our workshops in June and July, so those interested could follow the discussions. We want to be completely transparent in how we are putting tax dollars to use. We work diligently to keep our tax rates among the lowest in the State for a full-service city, while providing the levels of service you should expect. That transparency and openness is one of the many reasons residents tell me they love living in Meridian.

Citizen engagement in Meridian is necessary to ensure your voice is heard and that our services continue to meet your expectations. As your Mayor, I encourage you to take part in one or both of these opportunities - learn more about what’s happening in Meridian and discuss the future of our community!

Meridian Budget Hearing: Tuesday, August 30 at 6:00pm at Meridian City Hall

Meridian Town Hall: Wednesday, August 31 at 6:30pm at Hillsdale Elementary

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