by Mayor Tammy

As I meet with citizens or gather feedback through our citywide surveys – one of the number one issues that always surfaces is public transportation. Not everyone needs it, but it is essential for those who do. The City of Meridian has contributed to several different options which have included an express or commuter service and a limited route service. We worked with Valley Regional Transit (VRT) for months on a service that would address a great need to our seniors and persons with disabilities. I’m pleased to announce the latest partnership that launched called Harvest Transit!

Valley Regional Transit has partnered with Harvest Church in Meridian to pilot the Lifestyle Transportation option for Meridian residents. This new on-demand service is designed to address the daily transportation needs of seniors and those with disabilities. It provides a reliable, direct, and easy to-use service. The service includes one driver for the north region and one for the south region of the community. An accessible vehicle is used to transport individuals, free of charge, to any location within Meridian – with a connection if needed to the south and north areas of service.

Service hours are from 9am-3pm, Monday-Saturday and are directly operated by Harvest Church.

The City of Meridian has contributed financial support of $60,000 for the program’s implementation and first year of operations in order to meet the needs of our community. Other revenues are also helping to fund the program through transportation grants.

Eventually this is a service that will operate valley-wide, with implementation of approximately nine service areas in Ada County, four areas in Canyon County, and eight areas in the surrounding rural areas by 2021.

I appreciate the feedback I’ve received from citizens, highlighting this component as something that is needed in our community. For this reason, we are able to come together, with the support of community partnerships, to make it a reality. As a community we need to continue to work on making transportation accessible for all – so it’s easier for everyone to get around Meridian and enjoy all that it has to offer!

For more information including contact numbers to arrange for a ride, visit

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