by Mayor Tammy

As the Mayor of Meridian I am constantly looking for more ways to get fit in our community! In fact, we just started up a new program called Meridian Mondays with Fleet Feet Meridian - it has been a blast to connect with other people of all fitness levels and get active in our beautiful downtown!

Now I’m gearing up for the 3rd annual Mayor Tammy Walking Club! This has been an extraordinary project! Every Fall and Spring I walk with area elementary schools. Last year 69-hundred students walked over 165-thousand miles! That’s equal to 6.7 times around the earth!

So this year I’m turning to you – the community! I want you to join us in getting active this spring – the #HealthyMeridian iniative! I challenge you to find a walking route near your home, in one of our amazing parks or on our pathways, or indoors if necessary. I’m also planning to bring some community leaders on board – who along with the Meridian City Council will be joining me at my Walking Club events.

Let’s team up to get healthy - show us what you are doing to get active! Share your photos on social media with the hashtag #HealthyMeridian - because let’s face it - a #HealthyMeridian is a happy Meridian!

Meridian Mondays is held every Monday, 6pm - 7pm, at Meridian City Hall - it is a social run/walk designed for people of all fitness levels. The group also enjoys food and beverages at a local restaurant following the run/walk.