by Mayor Tammy

The public is invited to attend the annual Memorial Day Tribute at the Rock of Honor Memorial in Kleiner Park on Monday, May 29, 2017 at 11am. New this year will be the burial of a time capsule, including community and military memorabilia. I am honored to have been asked to include the letter below for residents to read when it is opened in 2042 – in twenty five years…a lot can happen in that time! Aside from predicting our population at that time to be 175,000, I share the vision I see for our community based on work we’re doing today.

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to share with our Meridian residents in 2042 – I hope that I am here to read this letter to you in person. The time capsule from which you get this letter was put together in 2017, following a Memorial Day celebration at the Rock of Honor. We gather at the Rock of Honor twice a year to officially honor those from Meridian who have given the ultimate sacrifice in protecting and defending the freedoms that we enjoy each and every day. It is to those, who serve and have served, that I dedicate this letter as it is because of their service that we can continue to express our thoughts and I have the opportunity to write these words.

The Meridian of 2004, the year I first became mayor, was much different than the Meridian of 2017. In the span of just 13 short years Meridian grew from a small suburb to a bustling, destination community. Through our growth, however, we have not lost sight of our priorities of strong schools, beautiful parks, and outstanding public services of police, fire, water and sewer. It is my hope that these priorities are still thriving in the Meridian of 2042 just as they do today.

We have long focused on and held to our vision to be Idaho’s premier city to live, work and raise a family - and believe in 2042 we will be the premier community in the entire West. Our vision for Meridian is a city with a vibrant and diverse business environment providing for living wage jobs; our strategic growth will ensure orderly development and a balance of resources; we will be a flexible and responsive government while safeguarding our health and safety; and that we will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the arts, culture and recreation. I am optimistic by the time this letter is read that Meridian will have achieved such status as the premier community in the West.

In the spirit of a time capsule, I would like to make some additional specific predictions of what your Meridian looks like versus the one I live in today.

Meridian’s population will be 175,000 and we will have a housing/employment balance of 55/45; Our Health Science and Technology District will be the finest health care center in the Pacific Northwest; The City will be surrounded on all sides (by Nampa, Star, Eagle, Boise, and Kuna); however, the visitor or citizen will know when they arrive, as we will have attractive gateways providing that sense of arrival; Employment centers will be distributed throughout the City offering jobs closer to where people live; and connected through transportation corridors, providing synergistic value and mobility to interconnect; Meridian will continue to host the finest educational experience in the state through our partners – West Ada School District, Idaho State University, Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine, College of Western Idaho-Meridian campus, and private institutions offering degrees ranging from vocational-technical to Law degrees.

To my fellow Meridian residents of the future, I applaud you and thank you. We have laid the groundwork, but it is you who will have carried our torch forward by now. When this time capsule is opened, I hope you can appreciate the heritage of our community and that you now will be looking to the future and planning for continued bright days ahead, just as we have done.*

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