by Mayor Tammy

One of my new favorite events in our city is just around the corner - Meridian Art Week (Sept. 9 – 16). This year a community tradition will kick off the week: the Community Block Party, which is bigger and better than ever this year with some awesome featured performers. It’s on Saturday, Sept 9th at Kleiner Park and is a perfect lead-in to a great week full of arts and culture in our community.

This is the second year the Meridian Arts Commission has hosted Meridian Art Week and after last year’s inaugural event – I’m really looking forward to it!

The #MeridianArtDrop movement is part of the week’s festivities and last fall I had a tremendous time taking part in it! I gathered up a few of my friends and we spent time together laughing and crafting pieces to leave around Downtown Meridian for someone to find. I made an American Flag out of sticks, painted rocks and small canvases, and created Christmas ornaments.

I want to encourage even more people to take part this year. All you have to do is create something to leave somewhere in Downtown Meridian. Then download a form on our website ( and place your art piece at a location.

If you FIND art, then share the photo on social media with the hashtag #MeridianArtDrop. Seeing the joy as people posted photos of their surprising art findings throughout our downtown on social media was especially heartwarming!

For a full list of Meridian Art Week events, including a high school chalk art competition, visit our website, One addition this year is the rescheduled Symphony Concert in honor of Gene Kleiner Day. It will cap off the week’s festivities on Saturday, Sept. 16.

I look forward to seeing you enjoy this beautiful season in our community and I especially look forward to finding your creations throughout our downtown during Meridian Art Week.

One of the pieces Mayor Tammy created for last year’s Meridian Art Drop:

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