by Mayor Tammy

Even though the attacks of September 11th were 16 years ago, I like many others remember the exact place I was when I heard about the devastation and I’ll never forget it. We as a country, as a community, should never forget it. And right now more than ever, we all need to remember how important it is to come together and stand united.

One month after September 11th the U.S. House of Representatives approved a resolution designating this day as “Patriot Day”. On this day, it is asked that the American flag be flown at half-staff, which you’ll see here at Meridian City Hall. In 2012 President Obama issued a proclamation renaming the day to Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance. He said “…we pledge to carry on their legacy of courage and compassion and to move forward together as one people.”

President Bush encouraged Americans to use this day to help others through volunteer service opportunities. Sixteen years later we are seeing that call for service in droves as we watch the devastation in Texas. It has been heartwarming to see so many Meridian businesses and residents step up to help those in the south following Hurricane Harvey. It’s a reminder that at the end of the day – we are all Americans - we care and support one another.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t speak to the service of our first responders who serve others each day.  On September 11th as we were being attacked, police and fire personnel were running to the scene to help. This is the heart of our public safety officers - they run into danger to help. I see this all of the time with our local police and firefighters. They do so much more than people realize – all with a goal to keep us safe. With school back in session, our School Resource Officers are working long days, walking the halls of the schools and attending events such as high school sports games. They serve as mentors to our next generation and take pride in their jobs. I hope our community knows the depth of support they have from our first responders – it’s what makes us one of the safest communities in the state of Idaho.

This is my reflection as I recall the events of September 11th.  It’s time to stand united, to serve others and that starts at the local level – in our homes, our neighborhoods, our schools - in our community.

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