by Mayor Tammy

Today early voting starts in Ada County for the November 7th elections.  A good number of Meridian residents and citizens from other parts of Ada County will be showing up at Meridian City Hall to participate as we are one of the early voting locations.  I want to thank Ada County Clerk Chris Rich, Chief Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane, Meridian City Clerk C.Jay Coles - and their teams – who helped make this happen.

I hope you are aware that we have three City Council seats that are on this year’s ballot.  Last month the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) held a forum where the candidates let us know where they stand on several issues. You can watch the video by clicking here or visiting the City’s website.  Candidates have been out knocking on doors, putting their signs on the side of the road, and even some have sent  mailers.  The Meridian Press and the Meridian Chamber of Commerce have sent candidate questionnaires out and you can read these to learn more as well.  It’s important to get educated about the election and what the candidates stand for so you can decide who best represents the Meridian you call home.

Early voting at City Hall is what we are doing to make voting easy and convenient for people so that more people exercise this important right. Voting is as fundamental as any other liberty afforded to people under the constitution. As a nation, a great number of men and women have fought long and hard to protect this right to vote.  In fact, as an American citizen and Meridian resident, your vote is your voice. This is your opportunity to let your thoughts be known about important issues to the community and your way to hold elected officials accountable for our decisions. Whether on Election Day, early voting, or mailing your ballot in - every vote matters.

In Meridian, much like around the rest of the state and country, we see huge swings in voter turnout during Presidential and Congressional elections. However, during local elections like this one for City Council, the attendance for voting drops off dramatically.  As a community we can do better.

That is why I ask you to get out and vote.  You can vote today, tomorrow, and nearly everyday for the next two weeks.  If getting out is a challenge, you can request an absentee ballot and one will be sent to you.  And if you are a traditionalist, you can always head to the polls on Tuesday, November 7th.

For complete election information and forms, visit  where you can see a sample ballot, locate your polling location and find answers to any questions you may have about voting and the election process.

We live in a great community and were recently selected by Money Magazine as one of the top 100 Places to Live in America for the fifth time.  It all continues with leadership and an engaged community. We need you to help define who can best provide that for Meridian.  Please share your voice and vote.

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